There are several events that will cause your NVPro to enter the Error state. The three causes are as follows:

Safe Start Failure

Upon boot-up, the printer will run the Safe Start procedure to ensure that the removal mechanism is functioning properly and in the correct position. The blade will briefly move forward (~1 second) and then return to its home position on the right-hand side of the printer as viewed from the front. If this does not run properly, the printer will enter the Error state. If this occurs, reset your printer at the red E-Stop button and wait for boot-up to occur within 5 minutes. If your printer enters the Error state again after a restart, please contact NVBOTS Support.

Removal Failure

Upon boot-up and after every print job, your printer will perform the removal routine. During this routine, the Z carriage will lower to the bottom of the printing volume, the removal blade will move forward, the print plate will become flush to the plate, then the removal blade will move all the way to the left side of the printer to detach the part, then move all the way to the right side of the printer to move the part into the collection chamber. The most likely reason for this Error is if the removal process fails due to the removal motor stalling. If this is the case, you may need to remove the print plate and remove the part manually. Removal motor stalls occur most often on parts that have a large base and have a stiff geometry.

During a print job, your printer may experience a serial error or a firmware-based error. If the failure is not due to a Safe Start failure or a removal failure, this is the most likely cause. In this case, the printer should be power cycled at the red E-Stop button.