1. Go to the QUEUE page on the NVBOTS dashboard at http://my.nvbots.com
  2. Click the trash icon to delete the job you want to remove from the queue


Why can't I delete the topmost job?

The job at the top of the queue is either printing or will be printed next. This means that it has already been sent to the printer and cannot be removed from the queue. Instead, you can use the SKIP button to skip this part and move onto the next one


The SKIP button will stop the current job from printing, drop the bed and initiate a removal procedure.

I pressed SKIP, but the printer hasn't stopped

The printer sends commands to a buffer and may need to complete the commands before it can execute a new one. Some commands may take some time to complete, so clicking the button doesn't yield immediate results. For instance: heating the printbed or changing the temperature of the nozzle can take some time and until they complete, the printer will be unable to issue a command to skip the part. This can also be true if the printer is in the middle of printing a layer.

Once the printer finishes the commands it's running, it will lower the print bed, initiate a removal and begin printing the next part in the queue.

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