Airgapped CI Print Setup

Use the following guide to set up an airgap version of CI Print. Airgap versions of software are entirely separate from the internet and require a direct tethered connection between your SAAM 3D printer and the computer you will use to control it.

Tools Needed


Step 1: Download CI Print image and extract it to a folder. Insert your SD Card.

Step 2: Run Balena Etcher to flash the latest SAAM Local image onto your SD Card.

Step 3: Extract the Disc image of CILocal mode, select it within Etcher, then Flash the image.

Step 4: After it is Flashed, put the SD card into the top of the Raspberry Pi in the machine and then plug the ethernet cable from your computer to the CI SAAM.

Step 5: Search Windows for Network Connections, or use the Icon in the lower taskbar. You should see a Local Area Connection that is identifying. Right click on Local Area Connection and go to Properties.

Step 6: Within the Local Area Connection Properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click Properties.

Step 7


Set the ADDRESS to

Set the NETWORK to

Set the GATEWAY to

Set Preferred DNS Server to

Set Alternative DNS Server to

Save the connection settings

Step 8: Start the printer, give it a few minutes to boot Octoprint – Then you may Navigate to http://saamci.local/ or to view the printer dashboard.

Step 9: You should be able to set up Octoprint, since we are using an Airgapped mode you should be able to dismiss the set up requests.