Octoprint Images

CI provides Octoprint software in two different modes: the standard configuration is a cloud connected version managed by Balena.io and enables CI to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot your printer. This mode requires an internet connection. The other mode is airgap capable mode which can be run completely separately from the internet but is still accessed through LAN.

If your printer has become unresponsive, then you may need to image a new SD card and insert it into your printer on the back panel. Use the images below to complete this process.

Cloud Connected Octoprint

If you wish to use a cloud-connected version of Octoprint, please email saamsupport@e-ci.com for an image to burn to an SD card.

Airgap Octoprint

Version Release Date Download
v0.4.1 08-02-2019 Octoprint CI Edition
v0.4 07-30-2019 Octoprint CI Edition
v0.3 06-06-2019 Octoprint CI Edition
v0.2 04-10-2018 Octoprint CI Edition
v0.1 03-17-2018 Octoprint CI Edition

See the next article for Airgap Octoprint setup.