GCODE Commands

Relative vs. Absolute Positioning

Movement defaults to using absolute coordinates. Typing a command to move to position X=100, Y=100 will always put the print head in the same spot. This works for the extruder as well.

If you need to move the Extruder, you most likely want to be working in relative coordinates. Moving E 100mm in relative motion will move 100mm forward. Moving E in -100mm will move 100mm backwards.

Moving E in default (absolute) mode, will most likely not behave as you expect.

To turn on Relative positioning, use the G91 command.

Cold Extrusion Disabled

Extruder will NOT move if temperature is too low. Hot end temperature must be greater than 170 degrees C to move extruder motor.

Motion Control

Command Example Description
G91 G91 Enter relative positioning mode
G90 G90 Enter absolute positioning mode
M18 M18 Disable (turn off/release stepper motors)
G0 or G1 (absolute mode) Move X, Y Z or Extruder to the position specified X=0: Left Y=0: Front Z=0: TopF = FeedrateX, Y, Z feedrate ~5000 E feedrate ~150
G0 X100 F1000 Move to X position 100
G0 Z50 Move to Z position 50
G0 X100 Y150 Move to X=100, Y=100
G0 E100 F150 Move to E position 100
G0 E100 (after G0 E100) No movement
G0 or G1 (relative mode)
G0 X10 Y100 Move 10mm in X, 100mm in Y (away from 0,0)
G0 Z50 Move 50mm down
G0 Z-100 Move 100mm up
G0 E50 F150 Extrude 50mm at 150mm/minute
G28 Home axes
G28 XY Home X and Y axes Y axis must always home before X X axis cannot home if Y is switch is not depressed
G28 Home X, Y and Z axes
G28 Z Home Z axis (top)
G27 Move Z carriage to the bottom
M68 Move DC motor (removal motor) Time is in miliseconds F = Forward B = Backward S = Sample Rate (current ADC value) Current = 0: high impedence 0<Current<500: normal operation Current>1000: short
M68 F20000 Move forward 20 seconds
M68 B60000 S1000 Move backwards for 60 seconds and take a sample of the current every second


Note: All temperatures measured in Celcius.

Command Example Description
M104 Heat the hot end T: Tool number 0 = Extruder S: Set temperature
M104 T0 S200 Set hot end (T0) to 200 deg
M104 T0 S0 Set hot end to 0 deg note: will not cool past room temperature
M140 Heat the print bed S: set temperature
M140 S50 Set the bed to 50 deg
M140 S0 Set the bed to 0 deg note: will not cool past room temperature
M105 M105 Display temperatures


Command Example Description
M411 Give version information about firmware
M114 Give information about position for the motors
M114 X:0.00 Y:228.00 Z:0.00 E:0.00 Count X: 0.00 Y:228.00 Z:0.00
M119 Give information about the switches
M119 Reporting endstop status x_max: open y_max: open z_min: TRIGGERED z_max: open e: TRIGGERED backstop: TRIGGERED frontstop: open DCMotor Current Analog Reading:468