Moving to purge position and purging the nozzle

You can add a purge routine to your print jobs by copying and pasting the following GCODE script into the Start GCODE section in your slicer software.

; Start purge GCODE

G28 Y; Home Y

G28 X; Home X

G90 ; absolute

G92 E0 ; reset e

M107 ; turn part fan off

G0 X189 F10800 ;

G0 Y0

M107; Turn part fan off

G91; relative coordinates

G0 E6 F100; extrude 6mm of filament

G90; absolute coordinates

G92 E0; reset the E axis


G0 X160 F5000; Move X position

G4 P1; dwell

G0 X0 F10800; Move X position

G0 Y228; Move Y position

G92 E0; Reset E axis

G11; Unretract

; End Purge Gcode