Calibrating Removal Blade

  1. Go to the Removal tab.

  1. Click on Prepare Blade Height Calibration. The print bed will lower to the bottom of the print volume and the removal blade will advance to a position above the print bed.

  2. Once prompted, go to the Control tab.

  3. Click on 1 to set the control distance to 1mm.

  4. Click the down arrow under Z to move the plate upwards.

  5. Continue to click the down arrow until the removal blade is entirely flush to the print plate.

  6. Once the blade is flush to the print plate, click Set Blade Height.

  7. Click Drop Bed

  8. Click the right arrow under Blade Controls

  9. Your removal system is now calibrated. You may now click the Run Removal Routine button to eject parts remotely.