Software Setup

Your SAAM printer should come pre-configured. If you ever need to set up a new instance of CI Print local software, then use the following guide to configure your printer correctly.

  1. Access Control- you may set your username and password if you wish, then select “Keep Access Control Enabled.” Otherwise, select “Disable Access Control.” Click “Next.”

  1. You may configure an online connectivity check if needed. Click “Next.”

  1. Octoprint has a built-in blacklist program which it can use for third-party plugins. You may enable or disable this tool as needed. Click “Next.”

  2. Octoprint’s built-in slicer program is the CuraEngine. If you have pre-configured slicer profiles for Cura, you may import them. If using a different slicer, you can just upload generated GCode later on the main Octoprint page. Click “Next.”

  3. Under “Default Printer Profile,” go to the “Print bed & build volume” heading. For the SAAM/NVPro, set your print volume at Width (X) = 188mm, Depth (Y) = 200mm, Height (Z) = 240mm.

  1. Under “Default Printer Profile,” go to the “Axes” heading. For the SAAM/NVPro, select the “Invert Control” checkbox for the Z axis.

  1. Under “Default Printer Profile,” go to the “Hotend & extruder” heading. The SAAM uses 0.4mm nozzle diameter and 1 extruder as standard; adjust as needed for your use case.

  2. Click “Next” and then “Finish.”

  3. On the main Octoprint page, select “Connection” from the left-side navigation pane and then click “Connect.” Your printer state should change from Offline to Operational.