What Is CI Print Software?

CI Print has been created to allow you to manage and load print jobs to your SAAM 3D printer.]

Connection Tab

The Connection tab in the top left provides options for connecting the onboard computer on your SAAM to the printer.



The Temperature tab enables you to control the print head temperature, bed temperature, and chamber heater temperature.


The control tab enables you to move the printer in X, Y, and Z. It also enables you to extrude and retract filament when the print head is at temperature, disable motors, and toggle fans on and off. A video stream to the printer is located on this tab. Your keyboard may be used to control the printer by hovering your mouse pointer over the video stream.

GCODE Viewer

The GCODE Viewer tab enables you to view the currently loaded GCODE layer by layer in order to inspect your parts. It may also be used to view the print progress in real time.


The Terminal tab enables you to monitor the printer command logs. It also enables you to directly send GCODE commands to the printer when it is in the Operational state.


The Removal tab enables you to operate the part removal mechanism to remotely clear your build volume.