Changing the Hot End

Hot end changes may be required in case of component failure. Hot end changes must be changed when working with materials that print in different temperature ranges. For example, the hot end must be changed if ABS is printed prior to ULTEM in the same printer due to the large difference in melting temperature. ULTEM's melting temperature is above the degradation point of ABS. Heating ABS to this temperature will produce extremely pungent and acrid fumes. Care should always be used when changing over materials.

To change the hot end, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Remove the blower duct by pulling straight downwards on it.



  1. Unscrew the hot end with an M4 hex wrench. This will detach the extruder and the hot end from the mount plate.




  1. Remove the water cooling block's 4 screws.


  1. Slide the hot end to the right and then downwards to remove from the print head plate.



  1. Unclip the electrical connector. Mind the wiring pathway for re-assembly.

  2. Reverse steps 1 - 4 to reinstall a new hot end.