Changing the Print Surface

The print surface should be changed if the surface is worn or if it has become damaged. Geckotek sheets should not be heated above 100 degrees C. PEI Buildtak sheets may be used over the entire temperature range of the print bed, but the adhesive will lose its effectiveness above 200 degrees C.

To change the build surface, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the front left door of the printer to expose the internals. Always ensure that components are below 40 degrees C before handling. It is recommended to power off the printer and wait 3 hours before maintenance operations to ensure safety.

  1. Remove the Z carriage cover


  1. Unscrew the power connector to the bed.



  1. Remove the removal barrier.


  1. Remove the print plate wing nut.



  1. Lift the print plate up and out of the printer.


  1. Remove the old build surface.


  1. Use an applicator to apply the new build surface. Ensure that no bubbles are trapped underneath the build surface.


  1. Reverse steps 1 - 8 to re-install the print bed. Ensure that the print bed is resting firmly on the 3 kinematic coupling posts on the Z carriage to ensure flatness. Misalignment of the grooves on the posts will results in a crooked print bed leading to print failure.