Filling the Water Cooling System

The water cooling system must be filled before initial operation of your SAAM HT. Follow the steps below to fill the water cooling system.

  1. Obtain distilled water.

  2. Unscrew cap on top of reservoir.


  1. Fill to ~3/4 full. This is not enough water to fill the system, so do not replace the cap yet.

  2. Power on the printer.

  3. Heat the nozzle to 100 degrees C. Once the nozzle is above 45 degrees C, the water cooling system pump will engage.

  4. Once the pump is engaged, fill the water cooling system so that it is steadily 3/4 full.

  5. Your water cooling system is now ready for use. If you need to empty your liquid cooling system for any reason, you may use the T-valve pictured below.