Levelling the Print Bed

  1. In CI Octoprint, go to the Control tab and click Disable Motors.

  2. Click the home button under the Z controls.

  3. Check the Z height between nozzle and bed at 4 touchpoints: the three kinematic couplers and the central wingnut. Distance between nozzle and bed should be 0.003" or 0.076mm at each point. You can check using a piece of paper or the appropriate feeler gauge. The height is correct when your paper/gauge just begins to drag.

  4. If adjustment is needed, remove the central wingnut underneath the Z carriage by hand. Use a 17mm wrench to loosen the three nuts fixing the kinematic coupling in place. Use a 6mm allen wrench to make adjustments to the height of each coupling post. The adjustment posts and associated nuts are circled in red below:


  1. Do not consider the bed level until you check all 4 touchpoints consecutively without making any adjustments. Click the home button under the Z controls after each adjustment made.

  2. Depending on how much you need to adjust a bed, you can opt to re-calibrate the blade height afterward.