Replacing the Hot End Thermistor

The Thermistor is the either black or blue wire located on the hot end that is responsible for monitoring and reporting the printing temperature. If the thermistor is disconnected or damaged it may need to be reconnected or replaced. Users may find this preferable to replacing an entire hot end.

Blue Cartridge Thermistor Version

Tools needed:

1.5 mm allen/hex wrench

Replacing a black thermistor involves the following steps:

  1. Unscrew the 1.5 allen screw on the bottom of the heater block of the hot end just enough to get the copper thermistor cartridge out:

  1. Detach the black plastic clip on the old thermistor wire and discard the damaged wire

  2. Insert the new thermistor cartridge into the hole.

  1. Screw the 1.5 mm Allen/hex screw back in.

  2. Re-attach the black plastic clip connection.