How to Manually Release Filament Stuck in Extruder

Follow the steps outlined below if you're having a problem with the maintenance routines. This is useful if the filament won't retract during unjam or change filament.

Method 1: Manually release tension and remove filament

  1. Via the CI Print software, set the nozzle temperature to the nozzle temperature for your material.

  2. Use a lever (flat head screw driver or allen wrench) to push the tensioner towards the front of the printer.

The tensioner is located on the extruder, behind where the filament comes out on the left

See attached photos and videos for additional angles

With tensioner pushed in, pull up on the filament. You may need to pull with some constant force. Pliers can be helpful.

Method 2

In the event of an extruder jam that cannot be using the first method you can also try removing the face plate and tensioner button to manually clear the filament from the hob wheel.

Tools needed:

2mm hex wrench or screwdriver

3mm hex wrench or screwdriver

4mm hex wrench or screwdriver

large flat head screw driver (for guide screw)

needle nose pliers and/or wire brush

Accessing the Extruder

Turn off the printer and make sure the hot end has cooled. Remove the 4mm hex that mounts the extruder to the hot end. Also remove the 4mm screw that mounts the wiring harness to the top of the extruder. If there is any filament between them it can be cut.

Pull the extruder block up to separate it from the hot end.

Once the two parts are separated you can continue to the next step.

Extruder disassembly & Cleaning

Unscrew the brass guide screw from the bottom of the extruder using a large flat head screwdriver

Remove the two 2mm hex screws from the face plate. NOTE:The screws may have a thread locking agent on them so more torque may be needed to turn them.

Removing the screws will allow you to remove the face plate and access the tensioner button assembly

Remove the two 3mm hex screws from the tensioner button and also remove the springs from inside the assembly.

Once the springs are removed you will be able to take off the tensioner button assembly and access the hob wheel.

Use a wire brush or needle nose pliers to remove any filament from the teeth of the of the hob wheel and the surrounding area. Make sure that nothing can restrict the turning motion of the hob wheel. Some filament residue may remain after cleaning, this is fine as long as all of the filament pieces that were obstructing the wheel have been removed.

Once the extruder has been cleaned out replace the tensioner button assembly, insert springs, and tighten the 3mm hex screws until they are flush with the button. Then replace the face plate and 2mm screws. Lastly, replace the brass guide screw to the bottom of the assembly.

When reinstalling the extruder, make sure that the fan wires are positioned as they are in the picture below.