How to Manually Clear Filament Stuck in the Hot End

Tools needed

  • 4mm hex wrench
  • Needle nose or small pliers

Additional tools (may be needed)

  • Scissors or snippers to cut filament
  • 2mm hex wrench
  • 3mm hex wrench


  1. Remove top panel

  1. From the CI Print Software interface, heat up the nozzle and retract the filament until it is no longer engaged with the extruder.

  2. Turn off nozzle heater. Wait until the Tool temperature indicator is less than 40C to avoid burn hazards. This will take approximately 15 minutes.

  3. Remove blower duct

  4. Remove 4mm hex screw from underneath extruder plate. This screw is located behind the nozzle.

  5. Move extruder to the side. You do not need to disconnect the wire as shown. It's disconnected here to exaggerate extruder movement.


If you were unable to remove the filament with an unjam routine, then you will need to remove the filament in this step.

  1. Cut the filament above the extruder
  2. Pull the extruder up (the filament will be coming out of the bottom of extruder).
  3. There will be some resistance when pulling on the extruder. This is because the filament is still being grabbed by the extruder hob wheels. You can safely pull up against this resistance and the filament should slide out the bottom of the extruder.

  4. Check for filament in the hot end. If there is, try to pull filament out using needle nose pliers during the unjam routine (this will only work if the hot end is above 170 degrees C). This step should only be done using needle nose pliers and with caution due to the hot end still being at a high temperature. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH the metal block on the hot end with your bare hands during this process only use pliers or tools. TIP: The outside edges of the plastic fan can be used to hold the hot end in place if it becomes dislodged from its seat, please use caution around the hot parts and only use pliers to touch parts on the hot end.

  5. Put extruder back in place

  6. Fasten extruder to extruder plate

  7. Start 4mm hex screw IMPORTANT: do not tighten the screw all the way until the hot end is all the way back

  8. Push hot end into place (as far back as it will go)
  9. Tighten hex screw

  1. Reassemble printer:

    1. Replace blower duct
    2. Replace front cover
    3. Turn on printer
    4. Start unjam routine, refeed filament when prompted and finish routine
    5. Replace top cover

Jams can also occur if filament makes it beyond the hob wheel due to the spool ending or the filament breaking.

​ If you find that the filament is stopping or not going all the way through the extruder to the nozzle, there is a good chance that there is filament stuck in the hot end between the nozzle and the hob gear that moves the filament up and down.

​ To check for this disconnect the hot end from the extruder using the 4 mm Allen wrench and pull them apart gently. If you see filament in the top of the hot end heat sink area, heat the printer to the materials melting temperature and pull it out of the hot end using a tool like needle nose pliers.

​ Once the filament has been removed reconnect the hot end and extruder using the 4 mm screw and Allen wrench. Once the printer has been reassembled, you can attempt the unjam routine again to reload the filament into the printer.