How to Replace the Extruder


  • 4mm hex
  • 9mm torx
  • 2.5 mm hex

Steps to replacing the extruder:

  1. This is easier with the bed at the bottom of the printer. If the bed is near the top, you can restart the printer to begin removal and shut the printer off once the bed reaches the bottom of the printer.

  2. Turn off the printer

  3. Prepare the printer by:

  4. Removing the top cover, the front cover, purge collector and blower duct (plastic part next to the nozzle)

  5. Note or take a picture of the wiring and how it is routed to the extruder and the two fans

  6. Unscrew the screw behind the hot end (4 mm hex)

  1. Cut the filament right above the extruder and pull the extruder up and away from the plate

  2. Remove the 2.5mm hex screws from the large blower fan below the extruder

  3. Unplug the wiring harness for the extruder and remove the extruder completely

Putting in replacement extruder:

  1. The replacement extruder ships with the fan disconnected from the heat sink. This is so that it doesn't break in shipping

  2. Screw the smaller fan into the heat sink fins (note the sticker is facing down and where the wiring is routed)

  3. Put the new extruder into place and route the wiring

  4. Screw the new blower fan in place

  5. Sticker faces "up"

  6. Fan exhaust port faces towards the nozzle

  7. Reconnect the extruder cable harness

  8. Put extruder back in place


  1. Fasten extruder to extruder plate

  2. Start 4mm hex screw IMPORTANT: do not tighten the screw all the way until the hot end is all the way back

  3. Push hot end into place (as far back as it will go)
  4. Tighten hex screw

  1. Reassemble printer:

  2. Replace blower duct

  3. Replace front cover
  4. Turn on printer
  5. Start unjam routine, refeed filament when prompted and finish routine
  6. Replace top cover

Pictures of assembled extruder and wire routing