Removing and Loading Filament

Remove Old Filament

  1. Access your CI local mode portal
  2. Enter the filament's nozzle temperature for printing into the Tool field and press Enter.
  3. Wait for the nozzle to reach the set temperature.
  4. Press the Retract button on the Control tab until filament is no longer engaged in the extruder.
  5. Remove old filament and store. It is best to use the holes in your spool to ensure it does not become tangled. Filament should always be stored in a cool and dry location, preferably with desiccant in a sealed container.

Load New Filament

  1. Put new filament spool on the spool mount and feed end through the guide tube. The spool must unspool in the counter-clockwise direction as viewed from the front of the printer.

  2. Cut the tip of the filament at an angle and straighten the first 3” of filament by hand

  3. The filament encoder has been updated on newer revision printers and feature a tension button that will need to be pressed in order to feed filament through the tube. The button should be pressed until the tension is released on the encoder wheel and the filament can be pushed freely through it.

  1. The filament feeds through the hole in the top of the metal tube mount on top of the extruder.

  1. Straighten the tip of the filament.

  2. Enter the nozzle temperature on your material spool into the CI Local Mode interface Tool field and hit Enter. Wait for nozzle to reach temperature.

  3. Set the extruder distance value to 50mm on the Control tab and click Extrude 2 - 3 times to spin the extruder motor. Push the filament into the extruder until it engages.

  4. Keep extruding until filament is seen.