SAAM Setup

  1. Remove printer from crate and place on stable surface.

  2. Unlock the top lid with the included keys.

  3. Unlatch the top lid by sliding it toward the front of the printer.

  4. Remove the top lid by lifting upwards. Set top lid aside.

  5. Remove the WHITE FOAM packaging blocks and printer supplies box from the printer.

  6. DO NOT remove the black foam held in the foam mount; this is necessary for successful removal.

  1. Place the Z-Carriage Cover on the top-back of the Z-Carriage as indicated.

  2. Insert the purge collector into the slot at the front of the printer as indicated.

  3. If the camera does not come pre-installed, install camera.

  4. Locate the install position.

  5. Screw in camera mount using supplied 2.5mm hex screws, then plug in HDMI cable.

  6. Plug in Ethernet and power cables on the bottom-left side of the printer. Plug power supply into 6-pin jack in bottom left corner. Plug power supply into 110/120VAC dedicated circuit. A 10A breaker is recommended.

  7. Remove the plastic blade guard from the removal blade. Keep the blade guard with your tools, as you may re-apply it when working with your hands near the blade.

  8. Remove rear plastic cover.

  9. Locate SD card and plug into receptacle on top of black electronics box at rear of machine. The SD card is shipped separately to prevent card corruption in the shipping process.


  10. Replace the rear plastic cover.

  11. Power on the printer at the red emergency stop button by pulling outwards. The printer should connect and boot in 0 - 5 minutes.

  12. See the Network Setup and Software Setup articles to connect to your printer.

  13. You are now ready to load filament and start printing!